Simon Brown

ProfessorSimon Brown

Physics 610.3
Internal Phone: 94255


Research Interests

My main research interest is in the properties of nanometre scale particles (called 'atomic clusters') and in developing ways of building nano-electronic devices from these clusters. My group are currently working on cluster-based devices with applications ranging from chemical sensors to magnetic field sensors to transistors. We also have a unique apparatus for studying unusual atomic arrangements within these particles, including 5-fold symmetric structures forbidden in ordinary crystals.

Recent Publications

  • Minnai C., Bellacicca A., Brown SA. and Milani P. (2017) Facile fabrication of complex networks of memristive devices.. Scientific Reports 7(1): 7955.
  • Nande A., Fostner S., Grigg J., Smith A., Temst K., Bael MJV. and Brown SA. (2017) Quantum fluctuations in percolating superconductors: An evolution with effective dimensionality. Nanotechnology 28(16)
  • Fostner S. and Brown SA. (2015) Neuromorphic behavior in percolating nanoparticle films. Physical Review E: Statistical, nonlinear, biological, and soft matter physics 92 52134: 11pp.
  • Kowalczyk PJ., Mahapatra O., Belič D., Brown SA., Bian G. and Chiang TC. (2015) Origin of the moiré pattern in thin Bi films deposited on HOPG. Physical Review B: Condensed matter and materials physics 91 45434: 12pp.
  • Bian G., Wang X., Miller T., Chiang TC., Kowalczyk PJ., Mahapatra O. and Brown SA. (2014) First-principles and spectroscopic studies of Bi(110) films: Thickness-dependent Dirac modes and property oscillations. Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 90: 195409.