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Who speaks for the trees? The possible futures of conservation

In an upcoming UC Connect public lecture, University of Canterbury law academic David Round considers the choices ahead for the public conservation estate, native species, the Department of Conservation and environmental law.

Abhay Mahajan


'I am having the time of my life...'

Abhay Mahajan
Studying towards a BCom in Accounting and Finance
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Master of Disaster student explores Chatham Islands tsunami risk

Low-lying, isolated communities on the Chatham Islands are extremely exposed to tsunami, according to a University of Canterbury student’s original research.


UC Active

UC Active


From the sea to the mountains and everything in between,

UC is on the doorstep of a massive outdoor ‘playground’. Grab your snowboard/surfboard/mountain bike/trail shoes and give it a go.

UC Enterprise


uc7-icon UC Enterprise

Get switched on, get hands on. Over 35% of our courses will get you out into the workplace or the community. The result?

UCME 2017 Eddie



Master of Commerce
I’m the CEO of entré, a student run club that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation. I have to report to the Board, speak at events and be the role model that everyone looks to. It's a challenging role but it's rewarding too. Later in life I'd like to run my own organisation so it’s good experience for me.
UCME 2017 faces
UCME 2017 Grace



Bachelor of Engineering
In high school I had no idea what I wanted to do. I knew I liked maths and science so I thought I might do medicine. Then I met a girl from UC who talked about how engineering was so full of opportunities. It offers a mix of innovation, creativity and interaction with people, which seemed perfect for me.


Innovative mechanical engineer wins 2017 research medal

A University of Canterbury academic whose pioneering work has real-world impact that ranges from intensive care medicine for babies to earthquake engineering has won the University of Canterbury 2017 Research Medal.


UC and IBM in brainy neuroscience study agreement

The University of Canterbury and IBM Research are bringing together their collaborative brain power to develop better computer modelling for the human brain in a new joint study agreement.


New research aims to improve touchscreen use in vehicles

A University of Canterbury academic has been given the green light to research better in-vehicle touchscreens, with the aim of improving user performance and reducing attentional demands.


Can spiders really count?

Can a tiny spider with a brain that could fit on a pinhead tackle complex numerical tasks? University of Canterbury researchers have discovered that spiders are full of surprises.


Joint study into Tūtaepatu lagoon

University of Canterbury researchers are launching a joint study into the water quality and its effects on freshwater fish fauna, mahinga kai and wider ecosystems in Tūtaepatu Lagoon, in North Canterbury.


Enter sandman: $160,000 for child autism and sleep disruption research

University of Canterbury researcher Dr Laurie McLay has received an emerging researcher first grant from the Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC) valued at $160,825 over three years.


UC academic’s international team wins $2 million research grant for imaging single molecules

Professor Rick Millane is one of an international team of researchers that has been awarded a NZ$2 million research grant by the Human Frontier Science Program to develop a novel method for imaging individual biomolecules with atomic resolution.

UCME 2017 Clarissa



Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology
Helping people is my driving force. I find it sad when people can't communicate their wants and needs. I speak multiple languages so I have lots of ways to get an idea across. I want to help other people communicate better too.
UCME 2017 Curtis



Bachelor of Laws
Going to university isn't just about achieving academically. It's also about developing other core values like responsibility and accountability. At uni, it's up to you to get out there. I'd say, make yourself known, put your hand up and get involved!
UC Bicultural 2016


uc7-icon UC Bicultural

At UC we are committed to biculturalism. That’s a good thing for Aotearoa New Zealand, and a good thing for you too.


UC Community

UC Community 2016


The city of Christchurch is a growing hotbed of opportunity

Developments and initiatives are popping up at a rapid pace and our graduates are perfectly poised to access these opportunities.


UC Academic

UC Academic 2016


Did you know UC is ranked in the top 3% of universities worldwide?

Founded over 140 years ago, our legacy of celebrated graduates has shaped the world we live in today.

UCME 2017 Casey



Health Sciences
I'll be able to teach Te Reo Māori as a subject after I graduate. I'm on my own journey with learning Te Reo. It's a difficult language to learn! I identify with Māori but I never had the right opportunities to learn it growing up. Being able to engage with it here is really important to me.