Marwan Katurji

LecturerMarwan Katurji

Geography Staff Block Rm 407
Internal Phone: 94287


Research Interests

I specialize in surface-atmosphere interactions, and has undertaken numerous research projects throughout New Zealand, the United States and Antarctica. My research interest is around modelling, simulating, measuring and analyzing atmospheric phenomena, and I use advanced field measurement and numerical modeling techniques to tackle my research objectives.I am particularly interested in coherent turbulent structures (CTS) within the first 1km of our atmosphere above ground level (also called the atmospheric boundary-layer). CTS is a unique fabric of turbulence that controls the spatial variability of temperature and moisture across our landscape. I conduct laboratory and field experiments using state of the art in situ, aerial, remote sensing measurement systems, and also high resolution numerical weather simulations to develop a better understanding of these coherent turbulence structures.Some of my research projects involve wind turbulence for wind energy applications, air pollution dispersion modelling, forest canopy turbulence measurements, Antarctic meteorology, wild-land fire weather and fire-atmospheric interactions, and stable boundary layers in complex terrain.I have a growing interest in Antarctic Dry Valley climates because of the extreme environment on the continent. In Antarctica I try to understand mesocyclones (or Antarctic storms) in the Ross Sea Region because of their relevance to precipitation and temperature variability. In the

Recent Publications

  • Sturman A., Zawar-Reza P., Soltanzadeh I., Katurji M., Bonnardot V., Parker AK., Trought MCT., Quénol H., Le Roux R. and Gendig E. (2017) The application of high-resolution atmospheric modelling to weather and climate variability in vineyard regions. Journal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin 51(2): 99-105.
  • Katurji M. and Zawar-Reza P. (2016) Forward-looking infrared cameras for micrometeorological applications within vineyards. Diversity 16(9)
  • Katurji MH. and Zawar-Reza P. (2016) Fast remote sensing of surface-atmospheric energetics. Auckland, New Zealand: International Radiation Symposium, 16-22 Apr 2016
  • Katurji MH., Meyer H., Roudier P., Zawar-Reza P., Appelhans R. and Morgan F. (2016) Regional atmospheric circulation and control over near-surface temperature of the Ross Sea coastline of Antarctica. Columbus, OH, USA: 11th Antarctic Meteorological Observation, Modeling, and Forecasting Workshop, 6-8 Jun 2016
  • Katurji MH., Zawar-Reza P., Appelhans T. and Bealing P. (2016) The Dry Valley microclimate as seen by an infrared camera and unmanned aerial meteorological observations. Columbus, OH, USA: Intl. Symposium on Atmospheric Boundary Layers in High Latitudes, 9 Jun 2016