Martin Allen

Associate ProfessorMartin Allen

Intermediate Year Coordinator
Link Rm 303
Internal Phone: 95634

Qualifications & Awards

Research Interests

Physical properties and device applications of metal oxide semiconductors (in particular the semiconducting oxides of zinc, magnesium, tin, indium, gallium, and their alloys). Transparent thin film transistors for high speed pixel switching in optical displays. UVB photodetectors for monitoring personal UV exposures for the prevention of skin cancer and vitamin D deficiency.

Recent Publications

  • Altieri L., Miller KA., Huh J., Peng DH., Unger JB., Richardson JL., Allen MW. and Cockburn M. (2018) Prevalence of sun protection behaviors in Hispanic youth residing in a high ultraviolet light environment. Pediatric Dermatology 35(1): e52-e54.
  • Brillson LJ., Foster GM., Cox J., Ruane WT., Jarjour AB., Gao H., von Wenckstern H., Grundmann M., Wang B. and Look DC. (2018) Defect Characterization, Imaging, and Control in Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors and Devices. Journal of Electronic Materials : 1-7.
  • Hacker E., Horsham C., Allen M., Nathan A., Lowe J. and Janda M. (2018) Capturing Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure and Physical Activity: Feasibility Study and Comparison Between Self-Reports, Mobile Apps, Dosimeters, and Accelerometers. JMIR Research Protocols 7(4) e102
  • McNeill AR., Bell KJ., Hyndman AR., Gazoni RM., Reeves RJ., Downard AJ. and Allen MW. (2018) Synchrotron X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study of Electronic Changes at the ZnO Surface Following Aryldiazonium Ion Grafting: A Metal-to-Insulator Transition. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122(24): 12681-12693.
  • Smit AK., Newson AJ., Morton RL., Kimlin M., Keogh L., Law MH., Kirk J., Dobbinson S., Kanetsky PA. and Fenton G. (2018) The melanoma genomics managing your risk study: A protocol for a randomized controlled trial evaluating the impact of personal genomic risk information on skin cancer prevention behaviors. Contemporary Clinical Trials 70: 106-116.