Don Clucas

Practical Work SupervisorDon Clucas

Director of Master of Engineering Studies
Civil Mechanical E521
Internal Phone: 92212

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include additive manufacture, mechanical engineering design, energy conversion, product innovation, engines, micro combined heat and power.

Recent Publications

  • Egas J. and Clucas DM. (2018) Stirling Engine Configuration Selection. Energies 11(3) 584: 22.
  • Tamadon A., Pons D., sued K. and Clucas D. (2018) Formation Mechanisms for Entry and Exit Defects in Bobbin Friction Stir Welding. Metals 2018 8(1) 21
  • Tamadon A., Pons DJ., Sued K. and Clucas D. (2017) Development of metallographic etchants for the microstructure evolution of A6082-t6 BFSW welds. Metals 7(10) 423: 17.
  • Clucas D. and Gutschmidt S. (2016) 3D Printed Stirling Engines for Education of Machine Design and Analysis. Athens Journal of Technology & Engineering (in press)
  • Huetter L., Geoghegan PH., Docherty PD., Lazarjan MS., Clucas D. and Jermy MC. (2016) Fabrication of a compliant phantom of the human aortic arch for use in Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) experimentation.