Allan Scott

Senior Lecturer - Cement and Concrete Association FellowAllan Scott

3rd Pro Coordinator
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E446C
Internal Phone: 92089


Research Interests

Primary research is related to understanding the influence of material properties and environmental conditions on the durability of reinforced concrete structures, and the development of durability models to assist in the prediction of service life and the optimization of repair strategies. Other research interests include stress corrosion cracking and flow assisted corrosion of pipes under conditions of high flow, temperature and varying environmental conditions.

Recent Publications

  • Andisheh K., Scott A. and Palermo A. (2016) Modeling the influence of pitting corrosion on the mechanical properties of steel reinforcement. Werkstoffe und Korrosion. Materials and corrosion 67(11): 1220-1234.
  • Davis M., Hoult NA. and Scott A. (2016) Distributed strain sensing to determine the impact of corrosion on bond performance in reinforced concrete. Construction and Building Materials 114 C: 481-491.
  • Gholamhoseini A., Khanlou A., MacRae G., Scott A., Hicks S. and Leon R. (2016) An experimental study on strength and serviceability of reinforced and steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) continuous composite slabs. Engineering Structures 114: 171-180.
  • Scott ACN., Halliday B., McLean J., Bull D., Cook D. and cane P. (2016) Effects of curing on the performance of New Zealand precast concrete. Journal of the Structural Engineering Society of New Zealand 29(1): 66-71.
  • Kivell A., Palermo A. and Scott A. (2015) Complete Model of Corrosion-Degraded Cyclic Bond Performance in Reinforced Concrete. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering 141(9) 04014222-1: 9pp.