Recovering Christchurch 1850-2010

30 points

Not offered 2023, offered in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

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As a systematically planned new world city on the edge of empire Christchurch has always been a fascinating place to study. Whose stories have formed the city's written collective memory, and what has been left out? Due to the earthquakes from 2010 the city has a unique rupture, or ending point for its colonial past. As Christchurch considers its future, this course critically remembers its history. Significant aspects of the social, cultural, political and economic history of the South Island's largest city will be investigated through a series of lectures and documentary exercises. Students will gain an overall knowledge of the city's urban history, with opportunity to focus on advanced research topics.


30 points at 200 level HIST, or
200 level Ancient History or 200 level MAOR.