Heroines in History

15 points

Not offered 2022, offered in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

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Heroines' histories will be used to represent different moments of womanhood and femininity, women's place in domesticity, war, religion, education, politics and governance. Themes include spirituality, health and well-being, warrior and regal identities, cross-dressing, martyrdom and untimely death, imperialism, science and technology and glamour. Heroines to be studied include Boadicea, Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, Florence Nightingale, Kate Sheppard, Marie Curie, Te Puea, Jean Batten, Rosa Luxemburg and Diana, Princess of Wales.


Either 15 points in HIST at B grade or better or 30 points in HIST or Ancient History (CLAS111, CLAS112) with a passing grade. Alternatively, a B average in 60 points.


HIST361, GEND215, CULT336

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