• Psychology research into cognitive overload when rock climbing
    Psychology lecturer Professor Deak Helton and PhD student Kathryn Darling researched how people communicate and what they remember when rock climbing. They found that cognitive overload could affect search and rescue efforts in this environment.



Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and associated biological, cognitive and social processes in humans and other animals. It is a rapidly developing field touching on all aspects of human life. Advances in neuro-imaging and molecular biology are rapidly enhancing our understanding of how the brain works, while increasingly complex theories are being developed to understand both normal and abnormal development and the behaviour of individuals and groups. Major advances are being made in understanding and treating psycho-pathologies such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and addictions.

Psychology students are trained to:

  • think independently and critically about psychological issues
  • become knowledgeable about the key methods, important findings and major theories of psychology
  • learn how to distinguish genuine findings from implausible and suspect claims
  • understand modern scientific research in psychology.

Psychology may be taken as a major subject for a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Health Sciences or Bachelor of Science degree. It may also be taken as a subject in a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

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