Simon Kingham

ProfessorSimon Kingham

Geography Staff Block Rm 511
Internal Phone: 94064

Qualifications, Memberships & Awards

Research Interests

Research interests include three areas, broadly linked by relationships between transport and health. These are:
1. Air pollution exposure - This addresses the question of how we quantify the amount of pollution humans actually breathe in. This is important to know if we want to relate pollution to human health.
2. Transport - This research area is interested in how we can make transport more sustainable and looks at people’s perceptions and attitudes to transport, focusing specifically on school and work travel.
3. Health geography - This focuses on links between spatial patterns of illness and air pollution.

Recent Publications

  • Apparicio P., Gelb J., Carrier M., Mathieu MÈ. and Kingham S. (2018) Exposure to noise and air pollution by mode of transportation during rush hours in Montreal. Journal of Transport Geography 70: 182-192.
  • Wiki J., Kingham SP. and Banwell K. (2018) Re-working Appleyard in a low density environment: An exploration of the impacts of motorised traffic volume on street livability in Christchurch, New Zealand. World Transport Policy and Practice 24(1): 60-68.
  • Beere P. and Kingham S. (2017) Assessing the relationship between greenspace and academic achievement in urban New Zealand primary schools. New Zealand Geographer : n/a-n/a.
  • Dionisio MR., Kingham SP., Glackin S. and Bristow D. (2017) Immersed stakeholder engagement: A new dimension to collaborative urban planning.
  • Frater J., Kuijer R. and Kingham S. (2017) Why adolescents don't bicycle to school: Does the prototype/willingness model augment the theory of planned behaviour to explain intentions? Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour 46: 250-259.