Malcolm Campbell

Senior LecturerMalcolm Campbell

Geography Staff Block Rm 512
Internal Phone: 94181

Qualifications, Memberships & Awards

Research Interests

Dr. Campbell focuses on Quantitative Health Geography. He also has expertise in Spatial Microsimulation modelling for 'what-if' policy analysis, examining the potential effects of changing policy on the population at the small area level and quantifying the effects of different scenarios on the population.

Current Research
Dr Campbell has an established research theme on Smart cities and health, with a geo-spatial health pilot project on COPD patients in Christchurch in collaboration with multiple partners internationally.
In addition, Dr Campbell has an established theme with ongoing projects based on dynamic mobile health geography.

Malcolm is working on a series of projects which attempt to examine and understand social and spatial inequalities in different contexts. He also has an interest in developing and applying novel methods to geographical problems.

Some current examples of his research include:
Spatial Microsimulation of health and socio-economic variables at small area geographies.
Analysing the inequalities in health between population groups and geographical areas.
Smart Cities and health.

Recent Publications

  • Campbell MH., Marek L., Curl A. and Kingham S. (2017) Towards a more dynamic health geography. Tracking and tracing daily movement and exposure. Angers, France: International Medical Geography Symposium, 2-7 Jul 2017
  • Donnellan N., Kingham SP. and Campbell M. (2017) Assessing the built environment for active transport, physical activity and health outcomes using Kernel density estimation. Angers, France: International Medical Geography Symposium, 3-6 Jul 2017
  • Marek L., Campbell M. and Bui L. (2017) Shaking for innovation: The (re)building of a (smart) city in a post disaster environment. CITIES 63: 41-50.
  • Marek L., Campbell MH., Kingham S., Epton M. and Storer M. (2017) Winter is coming: An environmental monitoring and spatiotemporal modelling approach for better understanding of respiratory disease (COPD). Angers, France: International Medical Geography Symposium, 2-7 Jul 2017
  • Tomintz MN. and Campbell MH. (2017) Where are New Zealand’s smokers? Filling the gaps of Census smoking data using spatial microsimulation algorithms.. Angers, France: International Medical Geography Symposium 2017, 3-7 Jul 2017