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ProfessorJason Tylianakis

Terrestrial Ecology
Julius von Haast 330
Internal Phone: 95379

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include:- Effects of land use (especially agriculture) and global change phenomena on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning- Ecological processes across multiple spatiotemporal scales- Invasive species impacts in anthropogenic habitats- Conservation on managed land- Hymenoptera ecology and parasitoid-host interactions- Ecological aspects of biological control- Food web ecology

Recent Publications

  • Broussard MA., Mas F., Howlett B., Pattemore D. and Tylianakis JM. (2017) Possible mechanisms of pollination failure in hybrid carrot seed and implications for industry in a changing climate. PLoS ONE 12(6)
  • Donoso I., García D., Martínez D., Tylianakis JM. and Stouffer DB. (2017) Complementary effects of species abundances and ecological neighborhood on the occurrence of fruit-frugivore interactions. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 5(NOV)
  • Hudson LN., Newbold T., Contu S., Hill SLL., Lysenko I., De Palma A., Phillips HRP., Alhusseini TI., Bedford FE. and Bennett DJ. (2017) The database of the PREDICTS (Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems) project. Ecology and Evolution 7(1): 145-188.
  • Lyver PO. and Tylianakis JM. (2017) Indigenous peoples: Conservation paradox. The Scientific monthly 357(6347): 142-143.
  • Peralta G., Frost CM., Didham RK., Rand TA. and Tylianakis JM. (2017) Non-random food-web assembly at habitat edges increases connectivity and functional redundancy. Ecology 98(4): 995-1005.