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Distinguished ProfessorDavid Schiel

Marine Ecology
Biological Sciences 245
Internal Phone: 95205


Research Interests

Research interests include marine intertidal and subtidal ecology and aquaculture.

Recent Publications

  • Hawes NA., Taylor DI. and Schiel DR. (2017) Transport of drifting fucoid algae: Nearshore transport and potential for long distance dispersal. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 490: 34-41.
  • Hickford MJH., Stevens JCB. and Schiel DR. (2017) Nonselective use of vegetation for spawning by the diadromous fish Galaxias maculatus. Restoration Ecology
  • Tait LW., Hawes I. and Schiel DR. (2017) Integration of chlorophyll a fluorescence and photorespirometry techniques to understand production dynamics in macroaglal communities. Journal of Phycology 53(3): 476-485.
  • Battershill CN., Ross PR. and Schiel DR. (2016) The MV Rena shipwreck: time-critical scientific response and environmental legacies. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 50(1): 173-182.
  • Fisher KT., Le Heron R., Lewis NI., Ellis JI., Hewitt JE., Greenaway AJ., Cartner KJ., Burgess-Jones TC., Schiel DR. and Thrush SF. (2016) Science and societal partnerships to address cumulative impacts. Frontiers in Marine Science 3(2)