Apply and enrol

Find out about the steps to apply and enrol so you can become a UC student.

You can start your enrolment anytime

Apply now with myUC

Apply to enrol now with What is myUC, UC’s student online portal, available to anyone anywhere in the world.

Application dates

For study in 2018, applications open on 3 October and close 11 December 2017 for first-year domestic students. UC will accept late enrolments subject to spaces being available in the programme.

Stay on top of key course dates

Limited entry

Some courses and qualifications have Limited entry and require special applications so make sure you plan ahead.

Apply for preparatory programmes

Find out how to apply for preparatory programmes such as the Foundation Studies Certificate.

Apply for undergraduate qualifications

Find out how to apply for undergraduate qualifications study such as Bachelor's degrees and Undergraduate certificates and diplomas.

Apply for graduate and postgraduate qualifications

Find out how to apply for graduate and postgraduate qualifications  such as Graduate certificates and diplomas, Honours degrees and Master's degrees. 

Apply for PhD and Doctoral degrees

You can apply for a Doctor of Philosophy or Doctoral degrees at any time of year. Find out how to apply for PhD and Doctoral degrees.

English language requirements

If you are an international student you will need to meet the English language requirements for admission to UC.

Exemption from a prerequisite or co-requisite

Find out how to apply for an exemption from a prerequisite or co-requisite.

Transfer credit from a NZ tertiary institution

You can apply to transfer credit from a NZ tertiary institution and have it counted towards your UC qualification. 

Transfer credit from an overseas institution

You can apply to transfer credit from an overseas institution and have it counted towards your UC qualification.