Mathematics and Statistics course advisors

Our course advisors can help you select the courses that best suit your needs.

100-level Mathematics

Phillipa Gourdie

Senior Tutor
100-Level MATH Co-ordinator
Erskine 424
Internal Phone: 92464

100-level Statistics

Irene David

Director of Teaching - Tutors
100-Level STAT Co-ordinator / Director of Teaching (Tutors)
Erskine 500
Internal Phone: 92439

200-level Mathematics

Felipe Voloch

200-Level MATH Co-ordinator / Director of Research
Internal Phone: 92427

200 and 300-level Statistics

Daniel Gerhard

200/300-Level STAT Co-ordinator
Erskine 611
Internal Phone: 92440

300-level Mathematics

Rick Beatson

Erskine 602
Internal Phone: 92470

Ngin-Tee Koh

300-Level MATH Co-ordinator
Erskine 701
Internal Phone: 92461

400-level (Honours)

Mark Hickman

Senior Lecturer
400-Level Co-ordinator
Erskine 613
Internal Phone: 92450


Miguel Moyers Gonzalez

Senior Lecturer
Postgraduate Co-ordinator
Erskine 700
Internal Phone: 92467