Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering will give you the power to change the world. From providing clean, efficient energy to controlling digital data, from global communication to nanotechnologies, from robotics to entertainment, the future is being created by our graduates today. If you want to make a difference, study Electrical and Electronic Engineering or Computer Engineering at UC - the future is in your hands.

The department teaches two programmes in the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering. We also teach into the Mechatronics programme.

Our teaching involves a very broad range of systems, from the smallest electronics (nanotechnology) to electric power systems spanning continents. Our graduates are sought after internationally and many work for well-known companies.

Our research fields reflect the diversity of this enormous field. We have a strong tradition of excellence in research, supported by some of the best-equipped facilities in New Zealand. UC is fortunate to be situated in a progressive, high-tech community and we have strong ties with local industry. Entrepreneurial activities in electronics are especially notable and help to create an environment which is conducive to challenging research and professional development.

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