Computer Science and Software
Engineering people

Department heads

Andreas Willig

Associate Professor
Acting Head of Department
Erskine 310
Internal Phone: 92208

Richard Green

Associate Professor
Acting Deputy Head of Department
Erskine 245
Internal Phone: 92096

Alex Jane Forster

Department Administrator
Financial Administrator
Erskine 201
Internal Phone: 95915

Lynleigh Morgan

Erskine 204
Internal Phone: 94108

Academic staff

Tim Bell

Erskine 303
Internal Phone: 92118

Andrew Cockburn

Postgraduate Co-ordinator
Erskine 313
Internal Phone: 92119

Tanja Mitrovic

College of Engineering Associate Dean (Postgraduate)
Erskine Rm 312
Internal Phone: 94269

Ramakrishnan Mukundan

Associate Professor
Erskine 311
Internal Phone: 92201

Austen Rainer

Associate Professor
Erskine Rm 202
Internal Phone: 92120

Neville Churcher

Senior Lecturer
Erskine 247
Internal Phone: 92284

Matthias Galster

Senior Lecturer
Erskine 314
Internal Phone: 92172

Walter Guttmann

Senior Lecturer
Erskine 300
Internal Phone: 92451

Dong Seong Kim

Senior Lecturer
Internal Phone: 95370

Kourosh Neshatian

Senior Lecturer
Erskine 212
Internal Phone: 92455

Moffat Mathews

Erskine 213
Internal Phone: 92452

Thomas Young

Erskine Rm 301
Internal Phone: 92465

Steve Weddell

Senior Lecturer
Director of Computer Engineering
ICTS Rm 203
Internal Phone: 94419

Fabian Gilson

Internal Phone: 92910

Senior tutors

Yalini Sundralingam

Senior Tutor
Erskine 322
Internal Phone: 92489

Paul McKeown

Senior Tutor
Internal Phone: 92478

Marina Filipovic

Senior Tutor
Erskine 323
Internal Phone: 92495

Patricia de Andrade

Senior Tutor
Erskine Rm 324
Internal Phone: 92453

Technical staff

Peter Glassenbury

Senior Programmer Analyst
Systems Manager
Erskine 223
Internal Phone: 95933

Joffre Horlor

Programmer Analyst
Systems Manager
Erskine 222
Internal Phone: 95374

Adrian White

Senior Programmer Analyst
Systems Manager
Erskine 224
Internal Phone: 95917

Steven Sykes

Snr Programmer Analyst
Systems Manager
Erskine 221

Philip Holland

Systems Administrator
Erskine 220
Internal Phone: 95894

Professors emeriti

Krys Pawlikowski

Professor Emeritus
Erskine 301
Internal Phone: 7772

Research assistants

Jack Morgan

Research Assistant
Internal Phone: 92481

Jin Hong

Post Doctoral Fellow
Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Internal Phone: 92477

Sarang Love Leehan

Research and Teaching Assistant
Research Assistant
Internal Phone: 92783

Jay Holland

Research Assistant
Erskine 346
Internal Phone: 7756

Adjunct staff

Rainer Unland

Adjunct Professor

Phuoc Tran-Gia

Adjunct Professor

Richard Lobb

Fixed Term Academic
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Erskine 211
Internal Phone: 92466

Brent Martin

Adjunct Senior Fellow
Internal Phone: 7868

Ray Hunt

Adjunct Associate Professor
Erskine 347
Internal Phone: 6347

Greg Ewing

Adjunct Senior Fellow
Erskine 324
Internal Phone: 45694

Blair McMaster

Adjunct Senior Fellow
Erskine 307
Internal Phone: 7763