Tom Cochrane

Associate ProfessorTom Cochrane

Associate HOD
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E407
Internal Phone: 95074
Water and Land Resources

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Catchment hydrology, sediment transport and open channel flow, GIS modelling of land and water resources, irrigation, soil erosion, land use change

Recent Publications

  • Charters F., Cochrane TA. and O'Sullivan AD. (2017) Characterising urban zinc generation to identify surface pollutant hotspots in a low intensity rainfall climate. Water Science and Technology WST-EM161777R1: 13.
  • Arias ME., Wittmann F., Parolin P., Murray-Hudson M. and Cochrane TA. (2016) Interactions between flooding and upland disturbance drives species diversity in large river floodplains. Hydrobiologia : 1-13.
  • Charters FJ., Cochrane TA. and O'Sullivan AD. (2016) Untreated runoff quality from roof and road surfaces in a low intensity rainfall climate. Science of the Total Environment 550: 265-272.
  • Cochrane TT. and Cochrane TA. (2016) Osmotic potential calculations of inorganic and organic aqueous solutions over wide solute concentration levels and temperatures. Medical Physics 43(1): 225-232.
  • Dang TD., Cochrane TA., Arias ME., Van PDT. and de Vries TT. (2016) Hydrological Alterations from Water Infrastructure Development in the Mekong Floodplains. Hydrological Processes 30(21): 3824-3838.