Roger Nokes

ProfessorRoger Nokes

Mema o te Kaunihera
Council member
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E442
Internal Phone: 92046

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include:- Turbulent mixing in open channels - Double-diffusive convection - Mixing in stratified flows - Internal gravity waves and intrusive flows - Geophysical fluid dynamics - Application of computer technology to experimental methods in fluid dynamics

Recent Publications

  • Fleming JG., Walters RA., Sue LP. and Nokes RI. (2005) Experimental Design for Solid Block and Granular Submarine Landslides: A Unified Approach. In Satake K (Ed.), Tsunamis: Case Studies and Recent Developments: 259-277. Amsterdam: Springer.
  • Hughes G. and Nokes R. (1995) Wave-convection coupling in multi-component convection: an experimental study. In Brandt A; Fernando H (Ed.), Double Diffusive Convection: 49-56. Washington: American Geophysical Union.
  • Cenedese C., Nokes R. and Hyatt J. (2018) Lock-exchange gravity currents over rough bottoms. Environmental Fluid Mechanics 18(1): 59-73.
  • Whittaker CN., Nokes RI., Lo HY., Liu PLF. and Davidson MJ. (2017) Physical and numerical modelling of tsunami generation by a moving obstacle at the bottom boundary. Environmental Fluid Mechanics 17(5): 929-958.
  • Zhou J., Cenedese C., Williams T., Ball M., Venayagamoorthy K. and Nokes RI. (2017) On the propagation of gravity currents over and through a submerged array of circular cylinders. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 831: 394-417.

Professor Roger Nokes was elected by academic staff and is a member of the Finance, Planning and Resources Committee.