Paul Docherty

Senior LecturerPaul Docherty

Director of Studies 1st Professional Year
Civil Mechanical E510
Internal Phone: 92230


Research Interests

Physiological Modelling, Insulin sensitivity, parameter identification, model identifiability

Recent Publications

  • Langdon R., Docherty PD., Mansell EJ. and Chase JG. (2018) Accurate and precise prediction of insulin sensitivity variance in critically ill patients. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 39: 327-335.
  • Davidson SM., Docherty PD. and Murray R. (2017) The dimensional reduction method for identification of parameters that trade-off due to similar model roles. Mathematical Biosciences 285: 119-127.
  • Docherty PD., Geoghegan PH., Huetter L., Jermy M. and Sellier M. (2017) Regressive cross-correlation of pressure signals in the region of stenosis: Insights from particle image velocimetry experimentation. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 32: 143-149.
  • Langdon R., Docherty PD., Chiew YS. and Chase JG. (2017) Extrapolation of a non-linear autoregressive model of pulmonary mechanics. Mathematical Biosciences 284: 32-39.
  • Laufer B., Kretschmer J., Docherty PD., Chiew YS. and Möller K. (2017) Lung mechanics - airway resistance in the dynamic elastance model. Health and Technology 7(1): 61-70.