Paul Docherty

Senior LecturerPaul Docherty

Director of Studies 1st Professional Year
Civil Mechanical E510
Internal Phone: 92230
Dr Docherty has a PhD in mechanical concentrating on numerical methods in physiology, a BE(hons) mechanical and is qualified floor and wall tiler.


Research Interests

Physiological Modelling, Insulin sensitivity, Parameter identification, Model identifiability

Recent Publications

  • Langdon R., Docherty PD., Mansell EJ. and Chase JG. (2018) Accurate and precise prediction of insulin sensitivity variance in critically ill patients. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 39: 327-335.
  • Othman NA., Docherty PD., Krebs JD., Bell DA. and Chase JG. (2018) The Need to Calculate Target Glucose Levels When Measuring Changes in Insulin Sensitivity During Interventions for Individuals With Type 2 Diabetes. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 12(3): 665-672.
  • Davidson SM., Docherty PD. and Murray R. (2017) The dimensional reduction method for identification of parameters that trade-off due to similar model roles. Mathematical Biosciences 285: 119-127.
  • Docherty PD., Geoghegan PH., Huetter L., Jermy M. and Sellier M. (2017) Regressive cross-correlation of pressure signals in the region of stenosis: Insights from particle image velocimetry experimentation. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 32: 143-149.
  • Kretschmer J., Bibiano C., Laufer B., Docherty PD., Chiew YS., Redmond D., Chase JG. and Moeller K. (2017) Differences in respiratory mechanics estimation with respect to manoeuvres and mathematical models. BIOMEDICAL PHYSICS & ENGINEERING EXPRESS 3(1) UNSP 014002