Mofreh Saleh

Associate ProfessorMofreh Saleh

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E405
Internal Phone: 95118

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include:-Advanced dynamic material characterization -Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation -Pavement modelling by finite elements method -Vehicle-Pavement Interaction modelling -Laboratory Testing of Soils and Bituminous materials

Recent Publications

  • Saleh M. and Ebrahimi MG. (2017) Finite Element Modeling of Permanent Deformation in Loaded Wheel Tracker Test. Transportation Research Record 2641 17-00449: 94-102.
  • Lu DX. and Saleh MF. (2016) Evaluation of Warm Mix Asphalt Performance Incorporating High. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineers
  • Lu DX. and Saleh MF. (2016) Laboratory evaluation of warm mix asphalt incorporating high RAP proportion by using evotherm and sylvaroad additives. Construction and Building materials Volume 114, 1 July 2016,: 580-587.
  • Saleh M. (2016) A mechanistic empirical approach for the evaluation of the structural capacity and remaining service life of flexible pavements at the network level. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 43(8): 749-758.
  • Saleh M. (2016) Simplified Approach for Structural Capacity Evaluation of Flexible Pavements at the Network Level. International Journal of Pavement Engineering 17(5): 440-448.