Mark Davidson

Head of DepartmentMark Davidson

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E427
Internal Phone: 95879

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include environmental fluid mechanics; including the numerical and physical modelling of advection and dispersion phenomena, with particular reference to ocean outfall design. Other interests include unsteady friction effects in pipelines, inverse problems, non-intrusive measurement techniques (image processing) and the application of multimedia tools and information technology in engineering education.

Recent Publications

  • Lee P., Tuck J., Davidson M. and May R. (2017) Piezoelectric wave generation system for condition assessment of field water pipelines. Journal of Hydraulic Research (in print)
  • Whittaker CN., Nokes RI., Lo HY., Liu PLF. and Davidson MJ. (2017) Physical and numerical modelling of tsunami generation by a moving obstacle at the bottom boundary. Environmental Fluid Mechanics 17(5): 929-958.
  • Crowe AT., Davidson MJ. and Nokes RI. (2016) Modified reduced buoyancy flux model for desalination discharges. Desalination (378): 53-59.
  • Crowe AT., Davidson MJ. and Nokes RI. (2016) Velocity measurements in inclined negatively buoyant jets. Environmental Fluid Mechanics 16(3): 503-520.
  • Whittaker C., Nokes R. and Davidson M. (2015) Tsunami forcing by a low Froude number landslide. Environmental Fluid Mechanics 15(6): 1215-1239.