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Senior LecturerKourosh Neshatian

Erskine 212
Internal Phone: 92455

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include: - Machine learning: feature manipulation, input space transformation, dimensionality reduction- Evolutionary computation: genetic programming, particle swarm optimisation- Data mining: classification, symbolic regression, attribute selection- Soft computing: neural networks, fuzzy inference, neuro-fuzzy systems- Hyper-heuristic and meta-heuristic approaches to combinatorial problems, analysis of relevance Information for prospective research students:If you are considering doing a research degree (PhD, Master's, or Honours) in areas related to my research interests and under my supervision, please contact me to discuss your topic.

Recent Publications

  • Elmadani M., Mitrovic A., Weerasinghe A. and Neshatian K. (2015) Investigating student interactions with tutorial dialogues in EER-Tutor. Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning 10(16)
  • Shareghi Najar A., Mitrovic A. and Neshatian K. (2015) Eye tracking and studying examples: how novices and advanced learners study SQL examples. Journal of Computing and Information Technology 23(2): 171-190.
  • Al-Sahaf H., Song A., Neshatian K. and Zhang M. (2012) Two-tier genetic programming: Towards raw pixel-based image classification. Expert Systems With Applications 39(16): 12291-12301.
  • Neshatian K., Zhang M. and Andreae P. (2012) A filter approach to multiple feature construction for symbolic learning classifiers using genetic programming. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation 16(5): 645-661.
  • Neshatian K. and Zhang M. (2011) Using genetic programming for context-sensitive feature scoring in classification problems. Connection Science 23(3): 183-207.