Justin Morgenroth

Senior LecturerJustin Morgenroth

School of Forestry Rm143
Internal Phone: 95966

Qualifications & Awards

Research Interests

My research is focussed on applying geospatial data, tools, and techniques to solving applied problems. I focus primarily on forested landscapes (both native and plantation), though I have a specific interest in urban forests. I work extensively with LiDAR, aerial photography and satellite imagery datasets, within the e-Cognition (object-based image analysis), ArcGIS, and Fusion environments.

Recent Publications

  • Millen P., van Ballekom S., Altaner C., Apiolaza L., Mason E., McConnochie R., Morgenroth JA. and Murray T. (2018) Durable eucalypt forests – a multi-regional opportunity for investment in New Zealand drylands. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 63(1): 11-23.
  • Gomez C., Kataoka K., Saputra A., Wassmer P., Urabe A., Morgenroth JA. and Kato A. (2017) Photogrammetry-based Texture Analysis of a Volcaniclastic Outcrop-peel: Low-cost Alternative to TLS and Automation Potentialities using Haar Wavelet and Spatial-Analysis Algorithms. Forum Geografi 31(1) http://dx.doi.org/10.23917/forgeo.v31i1.3977.
  • Manley B., Morgenroth J., Visser R. and Final year BForSc students. (2017) Quantifying the small-scale owners' estate in Canterbury, Otago and Southland. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 62(3): 24-32.
  • Mason EG. and Morgenroth J. (2017) Potential for forestry on highly erodible land in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 62(2): 8-15.
  • Mason EG., Salekin S. and Morgenroth J. (2017) Comparison between meteorological data from the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) and data from independent meteorological stations. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 47(7) http://dx.doi.org/10.1186/s40490-017-0088-0.