Andrew Lapthorn

LecturerAndrew Lapthorn

Director of Studies - International
ICTS Rm 201
Internal Phone: 94546

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Current research interests include high temperature superconductivity in electric power machines; smart grids and renewable energy; LED lighting; computer modelling and simulation of transformers; high voltage.

Recent Publications

  • Jin Z., lapthorn A. and Staines M. (2017) The Dielectric Strength of Nomex 410 Paper in Liquid Nitrogen under Boiling Situations. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 27(7)
  • Lapthorn AC., Raniga J. and Urban R. (2017) Audible Noise Management of Newly Reconductored Transmission Lines. Wellington: EEA Conference & Exhibition 2017, 21-23 Jun 2017. In
  • Lapthorn AC., Rashid N., Jalal TS. and van Vliet B. (2017) What's my Rating? Asset Capacity Utilisation with a Smart Grid. Wellington: EEA Conference & Exhibition 2017, 21-23 Jun 2017. In
  • Peimankar A., Weddell S., Jalal T. and Lapthorn AC. (2017) Evolutionary Multi-Objective Fault Diagnosis of Power Transformers. Swarm and Evolutionary Computation
  • Lapthorn AC., Irani Y., Enright W., Race P., Shicker K. and McDonald C. (2016) Three Phase Partial Discharge Investigation of a 108 MW Hydro Stator. Wellington, New Zealand: EEA Conference & Exhibition 2016, 22-24 Jun 2016

Dr Andrew Lapthorn from UC’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at work in the High Voltage Lab, the only facility of its kind in a New Zealand university. It does commercial testing for the electrical industry.