Andrew Lapthorn

Senior LecturerAndrew Lapthorn

Director of Studies - International
Link Rm 307
Internal Phone: 94546

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Current research interests include high temperature superconductivity in electric power machines; smart grids and renewable energy; LED lighting; computer modelling and simulation of transformers; high voltage.

Recent Publications

  • Asef P., Perpina RB., Barzegaran MR., Dong J., Lapthorn A. and Mohammed OA. (2018) A comparative study of Quasi-FEA technique on iron losses prediction for permanent magnet synchronous machines. Progress In Electromagnetics Research C 81: 101-113.
  • Asef P., Perpina RB., Barzegaran MR., Lapthorn A. and Mewes D. (2018) Load identification of different Halbach-array topologies on permanent magnet synchronous generators using the coupled field-circuit FE methodology. Electric Power Systems Research 154: 484-492.
  • Jin Z., Lapthorn A. and Staines M. (2018) Keeping Cool under Pressure: Dielectric Strength of Sheet Insulation in Boiling Liquid Nitrogen. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 28(4)
  • Peimankar A., Weddell SJ., Jalal T. and Lapthorn A. (2018) Multi-objective ensemble forecasting with an application to power transformers. Applied Soft Computing 68: 233-248.
  • Asef P., Bargallo R. and Lapthorn AC. (2017) Iron Loss Prediction Using Modified IEM-Formula during the Field Weakening for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines. Machines 5(4) 30

Dr Andrew Lapthorn from UC’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at work in the High Voltage Lab, the only facility of its kind in a New Zealand university. It does commercial testing for the electrical industry.