Alex James

Associate ProfessorAlex James

Erskine 624
Internal Phone: 92425


Research Interests

My research interests focus on mathematical modelling, taking real life problems and using mathematics to explore their phenomenology and underlying principles. A key theme running through all my research projects is the drive to find simple models that can give qualitative solutions.

Recent Publications

  • Holland EP., Mugford J., Binny RN. and James A. (2017) How Herbivore Browsing Strategy Affects Whole-Plant Photosynthetic Capacity. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 79(4): 772-787.
  • Binny RN., Haridas P., James A., Law R., Simpson MJ. and Plank MJ. (2016) Spatial structure arising from neighbour-dependent bias in collective cell movement. PeerJ 4(16) e1689: 24pp.
  • Binny RN., James A. and Plank MJ. (2016) Collective Cell Behaviour with Neighbour-Dependent Proliferation, Death and Directional Bias. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 78(11): 2277-2301.
  • Plank MJ., Pitchford JW. and James A. (2016) Evolutionarily Stable Strategies for Fecundity and Swimming Speed of Fish. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 78(2): 280-292.
  • Binny RN., Plank MJ. and James A. (2015) Spatial moment dynamics for collective cell movement incorporating a neighbour-dependent directional bias. Interface 12(106) 20150228: 14pp.