Alessandro Palermo

ProfessorAlessandro Palermo

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E410
Internal Phone: 92044
a) Teaching and Research is one seamless entity that feeds our society. b) Curiosity and passion make your working day an holiday!


Research Interests

• Seismic design of bridges • Seismic design of jointed ductile self-centering systems • Dynamic behaviour of rigid bodies with particular emphasis to historical buildings• Modelling of the seismic behaviour of precast/prestressed and reinforced concrete connections and systems • Long term effects of composite steel-concrete, reinforced and/or prestressed concrete structures• Interaction of creep, shrinkage and temperature in concrete elements (seasonal thermal variations in prestressed bridges and external panels)• Flexural and shear behaviour of fibre reinforced and high performance concrete structures• Timber buildings and bridges• Serviceability, durability and maintenance of concrete bridges

Recent Publications

  • Pampanin S., Palermo AG. and Buchanan A. (2013) Structural Timber Innovation Company Inc. (2013). "Post-Tensioned Timber Buildings - Design Guide. Christchurch: Structural Timber Innovation Company. 278.
  • Andisheh K. and Palermo AG. (2018) Cyclic Response of a Bridge Pier Subjected to Corrosion. Engineering Structures
  • Andisheh K. and Palermo AG. (2018) The Effects of Corrosion on the Stress-strain Behavior of Confined Concrete. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering
  • Andisheh K., Liu R., Palermo A. and Scott A. (2018) Cyclic Behavior of Corroded Fuse-Type Dissipaters for Posttensioned Rocking Bridges. Journal of Bridge Engineering 23(4)
  • Andisheh K., Palermo AG., Scott A. and Clucas D. (2018) Influence of Corrosion on the Effective Mechanical Properties of Steel Reinforcement. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering