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Senior LecturerAaron Marshall

Deputy Head of Department / Director of Postgraduate and International Studies
Civil Mechanical E547
Internal Phone: 94093
My research focuses on electrochemical energy technology and electrocatalysis


Research Interests

The majority of my research interests are based around energy and hydrogen technologies. This includes activities on redox batteries, fuel cells, water electrolysis and conversion of biofuels in electrochemical reactors. I have an interest in surface chemistry, particularly using x-ray based methods to understand how and why reactions proceed on various surfaces. I have experience utilising synchrotron radiation to determine structure of materials and the binding of species to surfaces at the atomic scale under industrially relevant reaction conditions. I have recently completed a Marsden funded project on electrocatalytic CO2 reduction, investigating the production of methanol from CO2 on Cu cathodes. My current externally funded projects (total $2M) include leading a project on photoelectrochemical redox batteries (direct solar energy storage and conversion) and I am a PI on a project investigating ultra-high temperature electrodeposition of Ti from molten oxides.

Recent Publications

  • Baldhoff T., Nock V. and Marshall AT. (2017) Through-Mask Electrochemical Micromachining of Aluminum in Phosphoric Acid. Journal of The Electrochemical Society 164(9): E194-E202.
  • Kariman A. and Marshall AT. (2017) Investigating the Kinetics and Mechanism of Organic Oxidation in Parallel with the Oxygen Evolution Reaction. Electrocatalysis
  • Lim CFC., Harrington DA. and Marshall AT. (2017) Effects of mass transfer on the electrocatalytic CO₂ reduction on Cu. Electrochimica Acta 238: 56-63.
  • Marshall AT. and Baldhoff T. (2017) Characterization of Surface Films Formed on Aluminum during Mass-Transfer Limited Anodic Dissolution in Phosphoric Acid. Journal of The Electrochemical Society 164(2): C46-C53.
  • Lim CFC., Harrington DA. and Marshall AT. (2016) Altering the selectivity of galvanostatic CO₂ reduction on Cu cathodes by periodic cyclic voltammetry and potentiostatic steps. Electrochimica Acta 222: 133-140.