Taxation and Accounting

Taxation and Accounting

Taxation is important to the functioning of any economy, usually bringing in the vast majority of the revenue a government will have available to utilise.

It typically involves a number of key skills, including legal interpretation and analysis, calculations and providing advice.

Through taking the Taxation and Accounting major, a student can demonstrate they have the knowledge and skills to work in the area of taxation as a significant area of practice within Accounting more broadly.

Completion of this major will ensure the academic requirements are met for the professional accounting bodies but with the addition of one further taxation course (ACCT 359), a student will be able to satisfy the Taxation and Accounting major requirements. It will also set them up for postgraduate studies that encompass aspects of Taxation.

The major shares a common core with Accounting but with the addition of one further taxation course (ACCT 359). You can study towards becoming a chartered accountant by following a specialised degree plan. Talk to a student advisor about your options. 

Students who choose this path will also be set up for postgraduate studies in Taxation.

UC’s Accounting Programme also comprises higher level qualifications at master's and doctorate level. These involve study and research into the wider area accounting. Higher level qualifications are open to graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting who want to add an additional year of study, and those who want to return to study full-time or part-time, including chartered accountants and certified practising accountants.

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UC works closely with accounting institutes to ensure you are well prepared and qualified for your career. We organise regular Accounting Institute Days where accounting institutes introduce students to their organisations and run one-on-one advice settings for students looking at professional pathways. We advertise these days through LEARN emails and run ads for them in some of your lectures.

While the BCom has specific majors in Accounting and Accounting and Taxation, the accreditation pathway may not require a specific Accounting degree. Accounting institutions instead prescribe papers that need to be studied, whether within an Accounting or Accounting and Taxation major, or in any other study.


The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the global body for professional accountants.

To become an ACCA member you will need to complete an ACCA Qualification. This involves completing 14 exams (nine of which you may be exempt from depending on previous qualifications), obtaining three years relevant supervised practical experience (PER) and completing a Professional Ethics module.


CPA is one of the world's largest accounting bodies and believes the work of professional accountants is fundamental to the stability, efficiency and sustainability of individual companies, financial markets and the economies of entire countries. A CPA is a highly qualified finance, accounting and business professional.

The CPA Program is a postgraduate accounting program that combines professional education with three years’ relevant practical experience, ensuring you gain both the technical and commercial skills required to stand out.

  • Use CPA's course search to see which programmes are prerequisites for entry into the programme.


Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) is the membership body of choice for over 110,000 accounting and business professionals, working around New Zealand and across the globe.

UC Business School frequently hosts international visitors, often as participants in the Erskine programme. Fellows contribute to the department's seminars and research.

The CPA is one of the world's largest Accounting bodies and runs events and business competitions that challenge undergraduates to get a head-start in their careers.

The UC Accounting Society aims to enhance the student experience of all accounting students and others who are interested in accounting. AccSoc offers career development enhancement through a range of workshops and tutorials, combined with the opportunity to connect with others, build confidence and develop those all-important soft skills through a multitude of social events. Check them out on Facebook.

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