Managers are primarily responsible for achieving results in an organisation. They have knowledge and skills in problem-solving, decision making and communication.

Leadership and the ability to motivate are also essential managerial qualities.

The study of Management includes marketing, organisational leadership and development, human resource management, strategy and operations management. Transferable skills see graduates finding work in a wide range of industries.

Management takes an interdisciplinary approach and draws on courses in Pyschology, Media and Communications, Sociology, Economics and Statistics.

There is a unique second-year study tour to China, MGMT 228, which is an opportunity to add an international perspective to your degree. 

UC is ranked in the top 200 universities in the world for Business and Management studies and our teaching includes industry-relevant projects along with ideas that are applicable in both the commercial and public sectors.

The MGMT 228 Chinese Business Practices and Culture study tour offers students an opportunity to take courses on Chinese business practices and culture, and interact with Chinese students and businesses. The study tour is open to anyone who has completed a year of study at UC and at least two commerce papers. The course starts in mid-November and an information session is normally held in May.

The tour starts with an orientation week where students learn about and research business in China. While in China, UC students spend three weeks attending classes on management, economics and Chinese language, arts and culture at Zhejiang Gongshang University, followed by a week of visiting international firms in Shanghai. 

The MGMT228 Study Tour to China is a much-anticipated, annual event that attracts students from all disciplines and even students from other tertiary institutions. Visits to New Zealand companies operating in China provide you with an insight into the opportunities and challenges facing international organisations. Learning about another country's business practices and meeting the locals first-hand enriches your cultural experiences and is a great addition to your CV. Plus you can pick up some Mandarin language phrases and make new friends along the way.

This course is limited entry. The maximum enrolment is 30.

UCom is one of the largest and most established clubs on campus with a strong focus on social, academic and industry areas. UCom has an award-winning social calendar, academic support throughout the year as well as skills sessions and numerous opportunities to meet industry professionals. Our year includes, but is not limited to events such as barbecues, concerts, and the annual UCom Ball. We provide academic tutorials, opportunities to connect with industry leaders and skills sessions to help improve your CV. Check out our Facebook page.

Two futher semesters of study are required to complete a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours

The Management Honours programme provides a balanced foundation in management studies, containing courses that emphasise analytical, communication and project management skills. Advanced skills in these areas are highly sought after in industry and commerce. The programme also provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their initiative and skills by designing and undertaking a supervised research project in an area of professional interest. The research skills developed through the execution of this project are not only highly valued in industry but also provide an excellent foundation for further graduate study towards higher degrees.

A BCom(Hons) forms the first part of a Master of Commerce.

Part two of Master's Programme involves completing a research project leading to the submission of a thesis. It can be completed in one year of full-time study and is an excellent foundation for a PhD in Management.


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