Lindsey MacDonald

LecturerLindsey MacDonald

Undergraduate Co-ordinator
Locke Building Rm 605
Internal Phone: 95113

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Lindsey MacDonald defended his PhD thesis ‘a political philosophy of property rights’ in December 2008 and then joined the Department of Political Science at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Lindsey had previously lectured for the indigenous studies programme at Canterbury (2003-7), and the political science programme at Auckland University (2003). Before returning to University, Lindsey worked at Te Puni Kokiri (Ministry of Maori Development) 1996-7, and at the State Services Commission between 1998-2001. Since 2001 he has consulted to various government departments on issues ranging from Machinery of Government issues to the implications of the Treaty of Waitangi for government policy. He is the registered contact for the Wai 2237 claim on contemporary disparities in Maori Health which will be heard as part of the WAI 2575 Inquiry. He was chair of the University of Canterbury Human Ethics Committee (2013-16), on which he still sits, and also is a Co-Chair of the pro bono New Zealand Ethics Committee which serves those researchers in New Zealand unable to access University ethics committees.

Recent Publications

  • Gontcharov I. and MacDonald LTAOT. (2016) Alternative models of ethical governance: The 2016 new Brunswick-Otago declaration on research ethics. New Zealand Sociology 31(4): 56-81.;dn=339435281636226;res=IELFSC.
  • MacDonald LTAOT. (2016) Decolonisation starts in a name: Moving on from the colonial pretence that 'Maori' or 'indigenous peoples' are explanatory frames. Political Science 68(2): 105-123.
  • MacDonald LTAOT. (2015) He Tangata: an easy principle of research with indigenous participants and its hard practice of building sustainable research relationships. University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand: Ethics in Practice Conference, 22-24 May 2015
  • MacDonald LTAOT. (2015) Plenary Panel: Decolonising the Discipline. Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand: Disrupting the Discipline, New Zealand Political Science Association, 30 Nov-2 Dec 2015
  • MacDonald L. (2014) Moralising the indigenous subject. Auckland, New Zealand: New Zealand Political Science Association Conference 2014 (NZPSA), 1-3 Dec 2014