Douglas Campbell

LecturerDouglas Campbell

Karl Popper 618
Internal Phone: 95349


Research Interests

I have numerous research projects in various stages of completion. They involve the problem of induction, the nature of consciousness, the nature of propositions and possible worlds, the three great modal dichotomies (necessity, apriority, and analyticity), a kind of non-classical logic that I call "reticent logic", the problem of naturalising intentionality, and the physicalism/antiphysicalism dispute. I also have research interests in the philosophy of de-extinction and technological unemployment. My personal research website with preprints of my articles is here:

Recent Publications

  • Campbell D., Copeland J. and Deng Z-R. (2017) The Inconceivable Popularity of Conceivability Arguments. Philosophical Quarterly 67(267): 223-240. or
  • Campbell DI. (2017) De-extinction, Authenticity and Ethics. Cass Field Station: UC Philosophy Field Trip to Cass.
  • Campbell DI. (2017) Zombies, Schmonceivability and the Mirroring Objection: All Escape-Routes Barred. University of Canterbury campus: UC Philosophy Research Seminar Series.
  • Campbell DI. (2017) On the Authenticity of De-extinct Organisms, and the Genesis Argument. Journal for Critical Animal Studies 6(1) 5: 61-79.
  • Campbell D. (2016) De-extinction, Authenticity and Wildlife Conservation. University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.