University leaders

The following leaders are responsible for the overall management of UC.

Senior Management Team

See the Senior Management Team page.

Heads of academic schools and departments Name
Accounting and Information Systems Annette Mills
Aotahi: Māori and Indigenous Studies (School) Jeanette King (acting)
Biological Sciences (School) Matthew Turnbull
Business and Economics Paul Ballantine
Chemical and Process Engineering Peter Gostomski
Civil and Natural Resources Engineering Mark Davidson
Communication Disorders Katharina Naswall
Computer Science and Software Engineering Andreas Willig
Economics and Finance Richard Watt
Educational Studies and Leadership (School) Anneliese Kamp
Electrical and Computer Engineering Paul Gaynor
Fine Arts (School) - School of Humanities & Creative Arts Aaron Kreisler
Forestry (School) Bruce Manley
Geography Peyman Zawar-Reza
Geological Sciences Catherine Reid
Health Sciences (School) Michael Robb
Humanities & Creative Arts (School) Paul Millar
Language, Social & Political Sciences (School) LindaJean Kenix
Law (School) Karen Scott
Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Lucie Ozanne
Mathematics and Statistics (School) Jennifer Brown
Mechanical Engineering Shayne Gooch
Music (School) - School of Humanities & Creative Arts Glenda Keam
Product Design (School) Conan Fee
Psychology Katharina Naswall
Physical and Chemical Sciences Mike Reid
Sport and Physical Education (School) Richard Light
Teacher Education (School) Letitia Fickel
Commerce Ross James
Education Julie Mackey
Engineering Dean (Academic) Dirk Pons
Dean (International) David Wareham
Dean (Intermediate) Philippa Martin
Associate Dean (Postgraduate) Tanja Mitrovic
Law Ursula Cheer
Arts Dean (International) Beth Hume
Dean (Research) Peter Field
Dean (Academic) Alison Griffith-Collins
Associate Dean (Academic) Alison Holcroft
Science Janet Carter
Postgraduate Research Jon Harding
  (Associate Dean) Katie Pickles    
Associate Dean of Postgraduate Research (Scholarships) Bryce Williamson