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Scholarships support full-time study for a Master's or PhD degree. Several scholarships are available for study at WRC.

Tait Communications Research Scholarship

The Tait Communications Research Scholarship encourages research related to Critical Information and Communications Technology (CICT) at the University. It is available to graduates who are intending to undertake thesis research in CICT that is of relevance to the current interests of Tait Communications. Preference will be given to applicants undertaking relevant research in conjunction with the Wireless Research Centre at the University.

Other scholarships

University of Canterbury Summer Scholarships

A UC Summer Research Scholarship provides UC students in the final stages of a relevant Engineering degree with the opportunity to;

  • Work on a supervised research project for 400 hours (approximately 10 weeks) over the summer period (November - February),
  • Complete a short research skills programme (December) and to
  • Give a presentation at the Summer Research Scholarship Feedback Day (February).