Student profiles

Our graduates have gone on to fulfilling careers with our partners, other major national and international companies, tertiary institutions, or further studies in other prestigious universities. Below are a sample of our graduates.

Sasha Wang

Xiaohan (Sasha) Wang

'If you want to be someone that contributes to the innovation of technology in the future, UC engineering is a good platform...'

Ben Litchfield

Ben Litchfield

Ben's research is in methods to enhance the security of wireless communications.

Zane Barker

Zane Barker

Zane is studying towards an MSc degree in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Antenna station

Tri Pham

Tri's research is looking at techniques to enhance the performance of advanced receivers for radio systems.

Forklift moving fast in a warehouse

Ryan Estep

Ryan is addressing the problem of pedestrian RF localisation techniques in the high clutter environment of a typical warehouse.

Smart electric grid

Kieran Morris

Kieran’s research involves enhancing the reliability and resilience of “smart” distribution grids.

Global Maritime connectivity

Les Humphris

Les's research looks at developing innovative maritime safety equipment which uses an automatic identification system (AIS).

Large Radio Towers

Khawla Alnajjar

Khawla A. Alnajjar is working in Massive Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO).

Plant monitoring system

Qing Ou

Qing Ou is undertaking research in conjunction with Commtest. His research aims to find a wireless sensor solution for energy harvesting while having a special focus on vibrational energy.

Wireless industrial radio receivers

Andy Shang

Andy Shang is undertaking a research in wireless transceivers that receives signal from a source node and forwards an amplified version of the signal to a destination node.

William Sloane

William Sloane

William is focusing on new channel modelling methods and their applications in modern, mmWave wireless communications. 

Sam Pell Landscape

Sam Pell

Sam’s research centres on evaluating two different vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication technologies to create industrial intelligent transportation systems.

Jackson Godfrey Landscape

Jackson Godfrey

The goal of Jackson’s research is to design application-layer coding techniques to improve the reliability of multicast data transfer in mission-critical wireless networks.

Zubia Ishrat Landscape

Zubia Ishrat

Zubia's research addresses the system design and analysis of a narrowband mission critical infrastructure for a smart grid Field Area Network.

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