Andreas Willig

Head of DepartmentAndreas Willig

Jack Erskine 202
Internal Phone: 92208


Research Interests

In general, I am interested in the design and performance evaluation of architectures and protocols for packet-oriented networks, in particular wireless ad-hoc type networks, wireless sensor networks and mission-critical wireless networks.

Recent Publications

  • Tramarin F., Luvisotto M., Willig A. and Yu K. (2021) Guest Editorial: Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems - New Trends in Computing and Communications. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 17(5): 3518-3522.
  • Arfeen A., Pawlikowski K., McNickle D. and Willig A. (2019) The role of the Weibull distribution in modelling traffic in Internet access and backbone core networks. Journal of Network and Computer Applications 141: 1-22.
  • Arfeen MA., Pawlikowski K., McNickle DC. and Willig A. (2019) Global and local scaling analysis of link streams in access and backbone core networks. Computer Networks 149: 154-172.
  • Willig A. (2018) Autonomous Allocation of Wireless Body-Sensor Networks to Frequency Channels: Modeling with Repeated "Balls-In-Bins" Experiments. Wireless Networks : 18.
  • Willig A., Matusovsky Y. and Kind A. (2017) Relayer-Enabled Retransmission Scheduling in 802.15.4e LLDN -- Exploring a Reinforcement Learning Approach. Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks 6(2) 6: 16.