Developing Departmental/School or Faculty Policy

The University has a Policy Library (“UCPL”) that provides access to most documents that have institution-wide application. Other such information may be contained in internally accessible sources e.g. intranet.

The UCPL policy template, responsibility for the Policy Library and oversight of most documents contained within the UCPL , lie with the Policy Unit (a unit within the Risk Assurance and Policy (“RAP”) Team).  The UCPL is subject to legislative requirements around document retention. Documents are developed using best practice guidelines. Most documents within the UCPL undergo regular reviews that are overseen by the Policy Unit and previous versions of most documents are retained in the UCPL engine room (on the Sharepoint platform).

Documents held at the departmental/school or faculty level are meant to add specificity to the operational implementation of University-wide compliance documents or address issues that only concern the department/school/college.

As per the Metapolicy, where there are inconsistencies between departmental/school or college level compliance documents and UCPL compliance documents, UCPL documents will always be the authoritative source.

If you are intending to put departmental/school or faculty policy information that falls into a category of policy, procedure or guideline as defined on the UC Policy Library webpage , the following template  can be used to

  • Assist with drafting content;
  • Assist with capturing version history;
  • Identifying and connecting departmental/school or college information with the relevant UCPL documents that have University wide application;
  • Create consistent format, layout and language across your department/school or college;
  • Help with inquiries about content by identifying a point of contact and subject matter expert

For further guidance, or inspiration please refer to the information on the UCPL webpage


This information is subject to University statute, regulation and other documents that have been approved at an institutional level. Once printed the information in the document  is considered an uncontrolled version. For any queries, please contact the contact named on the policy, or your department/school’s administrator.