Web Style guide

This guide will cover social media guidelines, branding and writing for the web to help you create solid and engaging content.

Benefits of the style guide

This style guide provides design, code and editorial guidance. This offers a number of benefits:

  • Creates consistent branding, visual style and tone of voice
  • Provides modular pre-coded building blocks to build upon
  • Allows rapid prototyping in browsers, devices and with end users so adjustments can be made early
  • Code is centralised, minimising re-invention, reducing the time to create new sites and make maintenance changes
  • Creates a shared vocabulary of names for web components

Sections of the style guide

Background of the UC style guide

The UC style guide was created as part of the WCMS project. The style guide is one of the main components of the project alongside the implementation of a new content management system, Terminal Four Site Manager. 

We'd like to acknowledge the work of the Government Digital Service (GDS) in the United Kingdom and usability.gov in the US. Much of the UC style guide has been based on standards from these two sites.