T4 Training - Introduction

What is T4? It's our Content management system or CMS.

T4 Training - Fundamentals

An quick overview of the main features and components of T4. Logging in, The user interface and menus, Sections, Versions, Content (Content Types),  Media library

T4 Training - Statuses and Versions

Learn about the various statuses that content can transition though and how the version numbers affect what gets published and what doesn't.

T4 Training - Publish

Learn about the publish process in T4 and how content changes get from the T4 system to the website.

T4 Training - Metadata

How to correctly add metadata to your content or sections so that your page can be correctly indexed by search engines or shared on social media platforms.

NZ T4 Training - Media Library

Covers the media library and how to use media in various content types

T4 Training - Related Contents

Related contents is a term for all the content types that require other content types to provide content too them. e.g. Image Carousel

T4 Training - Tabs and Accordions

Tabs or Accordions are a great way to manage a lot of content on a page by allowing the user to hide or show what they want to see. It's easy to create tabs and accordions by using the 'Related Content' content type.

T4 Training - Staff Profiles

How the Staff Profile system works from importing staff details to correctly displaying staff listings on pages.

T4 Training - Fees

How Fees are displayed around the website and how the Fees management system in T4 works.