Move and reoder sections

Sections can easily be moved, and the order in which they appear in navigation will change to reflect this. Use either automatic ordering or move them manually.

Re-order sections

By default, a newly created section will appear as the last item in the parent section. To reorder, use either automatic ordering or move them manually.

  1. From the Actions dropdown menu, select Edit Section
  2. Click on the More tab and select Subsections
  3. If you want to use automatic ordering, make sure Enable automatic ordering is turned ON. By default, all sections are locked. Unlock the sections you want to apply Automatic Ordering by selecting the sections and click the Bulk actions button to select Bulk unlock
  4. If you want to manually move the sections, turn Enable automatic ordering OFF and use the Move arrows to drag and drop the sections up and down
  5. Click Save Changes before navigating away from this screen, otherwise the changes will not be saved

To move a section

  1. From the Actions dropdown menu beside the section you want to move, select Move Section
  2. The Move section popup appears, click on the name of the destination section