Duplicate/Mirror a section

When you want to reuse the same content in another place, you can either duplicate it or mirror it.

Duplicating creates a copy that is separate from the original, so if you change the duplicate, the original content remains the same.

Mirroring creates a copy that is linked to the original, so if you change the mirrored content, the original content changes too. Use mirroring where you want your content to update itself each time the original is updated. Take care not to change mirrored content if you are not the owner of the original.

  1. From the Actions dropdown menu beside the section or content you are duplicating, select Duplicate branch
  2. The Duplicate branch popup window appears
  3. Click the Select section button to the browse and select your destination section
  4. Under Content Options, select Ignore content (to duplicate the structure but not the
    content), or Duplicate content, or Mirror content
  5. Click the Duplicate button