Delete a section

  1. Hover over the Yellow Dropdown menu beside the section you are deleting and select Delete section.
  2. A pop-up window appears to confirm. Select Ok or Cancel.
  3. If you select Ok the deleted section will be highlighted in red and no longer published. It can be recycled by an Administrator. 


  • If the section is approved and published, deleting it will remove it from the live site and break any links to it. Any deleted section will change from status 'pending' or 'approved' to 'inactive'.
  • It will stay inactive for 30 days and then be deleted automatically. If you are drafting a page, the inactive section won’t show in your preview.
  • Make sure that remaining content (and links) make sense without the inactive section.
  • Within the 30 day period, you can reset the section to 'pending' or 'approved'.