Create a section/page

Webpages are created by creating sections/folders in T4, and content types are added to those sections/folders to make up the content of your webpages.

Adding a Section in T4 is equivalent to adding a Page to your site. There are two steps involved in creating a web page in T4:

1. The first step is to create a new Section:

  1. From the Actions dropdown menu beside the section you are working on, select Create Section
  2. On the General tab, under the heading General sections details, enter a Name for the section
  3. Leave the Status as Approved if you want the section to publish and display on the web. If you do not want to publish the section, change the Status to Pending Approval
  4. Optional: Enter Output URI to create a friendly URL or a shorter URL. If left blank, the section’s Name is used when publishing
  5. If you want this page to appear in the site navigation, leave Show in navigation? checkbox as ticked.
  6. Click Save changes to save or Save and approve to publish, your new section has been created.

Note: By default, the new section will appear as the last item in the section above. To move it up, go to the Subsections tab and use the Move arrows to move it up the hierarchy.

2. The next step is to add content types to your new section to make up your page

You now need to add pieces of content to your section to make up your page. Select the appropriate Content Types depending what you have for content on your page. The common types of content are

  • WYSIWYG editor - choose this content type to add paragragh text, lists, headings, links and tables your page
  • Image - use this content type to add an image to your page
  • Document - use this content type to add PDFs or Word documents to your page
  • YouTube video - use this content type to add a YouTube video to your page
  • Staff Profile
  • Content blocks
  • Related Contents
  • Contact us - call to action grey box

If what you need isn't listed on this page, see Content Types page for more content types available.