Approve / Publish content

When content is added to the site, it will have to be approved before it can be published and go live. Only Moderators and Administrators can approve content.

Update / Save content

As a Moderator, the dropdown arrow next to Update gives you two options – Update and Save as Draft

  • Update saves the content and it can be previewed as part of a section. The content has to be approved separately to be published.
  • Save as draft saves the content as Draft you can go back to and edit later. This cannot be previewed as part of the section, only as an individual item. This does not get published as it will not appear in the approval queue.

Approve content

  1. To approve content, go to Content and select Approve Content.
  2. The Pending tab will contain a list of content you can approve.
  3. Click the name to check the details of the content.
  4. Hover your mouse over the section details to see the exact path to the content.
  5. You can sort by namepriority or last modified.
  6. Once content has been approved, it will disappear from the main list.
  7. In the site structure, the approved content appears in the green column under the traffic lights.