Moderator training

A moderator can edit, approve and publish content to the web. They can also review content by contributors and either

  1. Approve it and make it live on the website
  2. Edit the content and make it live or
  3. Reject the changes to the content

Moderators are able to do everything a Contributor can do with the addition of:

  • adding sections
  • moving and reordering sections
  • adding section links
  • moving a section
  • modifying a section
  • duplicating a section
  • previewing a section
  • deleting a section
  • approving content they are assigned to.

Login to T4

  1. Open a web browser (Google Chrome or Firefox). DO NOT use IE, it is not recommended due to compatibility issues. 
  2. Type in the address
  3. Enter your UC Username and Password
  4. Click the Login in button

Section icons

The T4 site structure consists of a variety of different sections, these are displayed with different folder symbols.

T4 v8 section icons