Resizing images

The easiest tool to resize images for our website is Irfanview. Follow the instructions below to resize your image without stretching or squashing.

Install Irfanview

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Software Center.
  2. Search IrfanView
  3. Select IrfanView 4.4.4
  4. Click Install

Resize the image

  1. Click Ctrl R to resize the image.
  2. The image may not be the right shape, so first resize so that either the height or width is correct, and then use cropping to remove the excess from the other dimension.
  3. Example: If the image is 5459px x 2609px and you want it to be 724px x 484px for a normal content page, try entering 724 in the Width field. This makes the height too small, so try entering 484 in the Height field. The image is now the right height, and you can crop off the extra width.

Crop the image

Place your cursor on the image, hold down the left mouse button, which will change the cursor to a + sign, and drag diagonally, downward. Keep dragging the box until the numbers in the top bar say 724 x 484.

IrfanView crop selection

Once you have your selection box sized the way you want it, click Ctrl Y to crop the image to your selection.

Save the image and upload it to the media library.