Add Media (document) in the Media Library

NOTE: Save any Word documents as a PDF before uploading them so users can’t change the document.

  1. Before you upload the document into the media library, rename it according to the naming convention SectionName_document_description.pdf. Section name refers to sections sitting at the first level under in T4 eg, Future Students, International, Postgraduate. This step is important because you cannot rename the PDF once it is in the media library, and Google indexes the original filename rather than the Name in T4. The filename gives search engines clues about the subject matter of the document. Use hyphens instead of spaces or underscores (search engines see hyphens as spaces whereas underscores are invisible and join words together). Always maintain the file type at the end of the file name.
  2. In the Content dropdown, select Media Library.
  3. Open the Documents folder on the left and navigate to the appropriate section folder for your document.
  4. The Add MediaMove Media and Delete Media buttons will appear on the Browse tab for the sections you’ve got access to
  5. Click on the Add Media button. A form will appear where you complete the details of the document.
  6. Add a Name. It should provide information about the document, be relevant, short, catchy and concise.
  7. Select the Document to upload from your computer.
  8. Click Submit to save the document.