Modify content

Modify Content allows you to make changes to the information, change the name of the Content, create links to other pages or documents, and insert images.

To modify an existing piece of content:

  1. Hover over the yellow drop-down arrow beside the Section you wish to modify.
  2. Select Modify Content (or Modify Section if you are a Moderator).
  3. A list of Content that exists in that Section appears. (If the content is in an accordion, tabs, or a content block, each will be in its own section. Expand the section then select Modify Content from the yellow drop-down arrow beside the section for the accordion, tab, or content block you want to modify.)
  4. Click on the content's title to open it or select Modify from the drop down menu beside the piece of content. 
  5. Make changes to the content.
  6. Preview your changes.
  7. Click Update to save.