History and versions

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager allows you to see all changes made to content, compare different versions and set previous versions of the content live. To see how this works, modify a piece of content, then compare the two versions of the content. History can also be accessed from the Approve Content screen. 

  1. Select Modify Content from the Section Drop-Down Menu section containing the content.
  2. Click on the content’s name to open it.
  3. Make changes to the content and click Update.
  4. Select History from the Content Drop-Down Menu beside the content.
  5. Check Compare for two versions you wish to compare, then click either Content Comparison or Visual Comparison.
  6. Close the window and click Set Active beside the original version (assuming you wish to revert to a previous version of the content).

Content Comparison: A side-by-side comparison of your content. This can be displayed in Text or HTML view. Deleted content is highlighted in red, added content is highlighted in green, and changed content is highlighted in amber. 

Visual Comparison: A preview of your content. Deleted content is highlighted in red and added content is highlighted in green.