Content publishing options

Once content is approved, it will automatically be published the next time a publish is run, unless you specify a publish date. Specify the Publish Date, Expiry Date, Content Owner and Archive Section for one of your pieces of content.

  1. Select Edit Content from the Actions dropdown menu beside a section containing your content
  2. Click on the content’s name to open it
  3. Select the Options tab
  4. Fill in the relevant fields by clicking the box to open the calendar; simply click on the date you wish to use and adjust the time by dragging the hours and minutes, then click Done. If you do not set the time, it will default to the current time.
  5. Click Save changes to save or Save and approve to publish

Publish Date: Schedules a publish date, i.e. the date the content will go live on the site. The content has to be approved before it can be published.

Expiry Date: On this date the content will expire, it will be automatically be removed from the live site. The content will stay in its original section, unless a Archive Section is set (see below).

Review Date: TERMINALFOUR Site Manager will email the Content Owner. If no owner is set, the person who last modified the content will be notified instead.

Archive Section: Allows you to specify a section for the content to go to once it has expired. If you are publishing lots of content, it may be a good idea to create an Archive Section to store expired content in. This way the content can be used and published again at a later date. Click Select to select a section; the section id is inserted as a reference.

Content Owner: Sets an owner to the Content Item. If this is not set and the Section Owner is set, this will be used.